Hotel Pro Forma

Hotel Pro Forma is an international laboratory of performance and installations. Perception, perspective and themes from the world are blended into a conceptual, visual, and musical art form. Each work is developed through an almost natural-science approach to study and research, and subject matter is often taken from this world-view. The artistic process is exploratory and transdisciplinary. The structure of the work is strongly anchored in music, visual arts, and architecture and does not follow traditional theatrical structures such as story, text or plot. Instead the work presents visual and musical universes that investigate universal subjects such as evolution, world cultures, perspective and gravity.
The audience is presented with themes and subjects in new contexts, and experimental technology in audio-visuals, light and sound is often developed for each work, so that the subject matter is seen, heard and experienced anew.Since 1985 Hotel Pro Forma has produced more than 50 works shown in over 30 countries, ranging from exhibitions to performances.



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