Riga Opera festival 2017. VIVA ROMANTICA! (June 8-18, 2017)

In this year Riga Opera festival will celebrate its 20th anniversary. During these years the festival has become a valuable tradition which is widely praised by Latvian audience as well as foreign visitors. Each year Riga Opera festival offers to enjoy brightest productions of this and past seasons, see colourful Gala Concert as well as meet talented Latvian singers and lucent foreign soloists. Riga Opera festival 2017 "Viva Romantica" is devoted to romantic opera which audience can discover through broad diversity of productions.




June 08 Thu 19:00 Faust

June 09 Fri 19:00 Eugene Onegin

June 10 Sat 19:00 Tannhäuser

June 11 Sun 19:00 Carmen

June 14 Wed 19:00 Carmen

June 15 Thu 19:00 Tannhäuser

June 17 Sat 19:00 Faust

June 18 Sun 19:00 GALA CONCERT


Opera by Charles Gounod in five acts

Musical director and  conductor Tadeusz Wojciechowski
Stage director Aiks Karapetjans
Set director Kristaps Skulte
Costume designer Kristīne Pasternaka
Video Artis Dzērve
Lighting designer AJ Weissbard

Doctor Faust is tormented by the feeling he’s wasted his life. The mysterious Mephistopheles promises to make all of the aging scientist’s wishes come true - in exchange for Faust’s soul . . . Charles Gounod’s opera, which was inspired by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s famous tragedy, saw its world premier in Paris in 1859. Today, director Aik Karapetian’s has put together a new production in the late-gothic aesthetic, also employing silent movie techniques in the style of German expressionism. “But that doesn’t mean that the production will be hopelessly grave”, Karapetian says of his vision.



The opera by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Music director and conductor Ainārs Rubiķis
Stage director Rēzija Kalniņa
Set designer Mihails Kramenko

Is it possible to break out of the mold in which your parents and society have always lived? When does the Victim become the Victimizer? And when does the Victimizer become the Hero? This interpretation of Pyotr Tchaikovsky's classic opera is director Rēzija Kalniņa's debut at the Latvian National Opera.


Opera by Richard Wagner

Musical director and conductor Mārtiņš Ozoliņš
Stage designer Vilpu Kiljunen
Set and costume designer Kimmo Viskari

In Richard Wagner’s masterpiece, Tannhäuser draws his artistic inspiration from experiencing polar opposites: the pleasure he experiences in an underground grotto, and the asceticism he experiences on his pilgrimage to Rome. He also loves women who are polar opposites to one another, and searches for a way to combine these two opposites to form a unified whole: Tannhäuser wants the sensual Venus to have Elisabeth’s chastity, whereas he wants the chaste Elisabeth to have Venus’s sensuousness. Stage Director Vilppu Kiljunen tells about his production: Our version of Tannhäuser is a mixture of its Paris and Dresden versions. My approach to the staging was built around a central question: the conditions that make love and loving possible in a cultural context, where the idea and role of a woman is violentely divided into that of a saint or a whore.


Opera in four acts by Georges Bizet

Musical director and conductor Jānis Liepiņš
Conductor Normunds Vaicis
Stage director Marie-Eve Signeyrole
Set designer Fabien Teigne
Costume designer Yashi
Lighting designer Philippe Berthome
Solo singers, LNO orchestra and choir

At the same time celebrated and hated by her own sex, desired and punished by the opposite one, Carmen upsets. The hatred she causes comes from the desire she arises... Stage Director Marie-Eve Signeyrole explains on her debut at the Latvian National Opera: We chose to place Carmen’s action in a suburb, in the outskirts of a big city: the children who play outside and provoke the police, drug dealers settling scores, street artists and dancers trying to expressing themselves… A small scale and violent world marked by the extreme hardness of human relationships. We needed a place where sensuality, desire and freedom are forbidden by the social context. Carmen’s body has to be in itself a counterpoint to the concrete body of the buildings. A kind of new feminism related to the populations of the suburbs; an assumed femininity that plays with the rules established by men.


Gala concert of Riga Opera festival 2017

Conductor Mārtiņš Ozoliņš

Soloists Marina Rebeka, Inga Kalna, Maija Kovaļevska, Egils Siliņš, Oļesja Petrova, Andreass Bauers, Benžamēns Bernhaims un citi

Also participate orcherstra and choir of Latvian National Opera