Reinis Dzudzilo

Set Designer

Reinis Dzudzilo is a visual artist. He got his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in scenography at the Art Academy of Latvia. He mostly works in a creative tandem with Krista Dzudzilo, and has created the scenography for over 20 performances in various Latvian theatres and opera, as well as at the Staatstheater Darmstadt in Germany. He has participated in contemporary art group shows and projects, and has created solo shows with Krista. Reinis has been nominated for the Latvian Theatre Award, Spēlmaņu nakts, as Scenographer of the Year multiple times, and won three times. In his visual art projects, he uses modes of expression used in scenography – an intense dramaturgy of space and a close collaboration with the viewer. In 2017 Krista and Reinis created the performance Patētiskā. Par redzamo valodu at the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre, Homo Novus.


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