Francis Mannaert

Gaismu mākslinieks

Belgian-born FRANCIS MANNAERT is an experienced lighting designer who has made it his priority to work in ballet and music. He has been the lighting designer for the Malandain Ballet Biarritz since 2015, and previously worked with the Ballet of the Twentieth Century, the Royal Ballet of Wallonia, with ballet troupes in opera theatres in Warsaw, Prague, Llviv, Nice and Toulon, as well as with Julio Arozarena’s company L’Air de Rien, the ballet of Switzerland’s Theatre St. Gallen and many other theatres and notable choreographers. From 1996 to 2003, Francis Mannaert was managing all the lightings for the Bejart Ballet in Lausanne. He has also created lighting designs for world-famous Flamenco artists Andrès Marin and Mercedès Ruiz. Mannaert’s extensive knowledge of architecture and museology have allowed him to further develop his original approach to working with light. 


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