Ludmila Várossová

Costume Designer

Born in Bratislava, she attended secondary school of applied art and studied scenography for puppet theatre at the Theatre Faculty of Prague\’s Academy of Performing Arts and stage and costume design at Bratislava’s Academy of Performing Arts. As a freelance costume designer she has made a successful career for herself in theatre, television and film, to date creating costumes for more than a hundred theatre and two hundred television productions. Her unmistakable signature, marked by refined sensibility and the witty updating of historical stylistic elements combined with modern innovations, evolved in the 1980s and particularly in collaborations with directors Jozef Bednárik and Martin Kákoš for drama productions at Nitra’s Andrej Bagar Theatre and Czechoslovak Television, Bratislava. In the 1990s she also began to work regularly in musical theatre, particularly in projects by Jozef Bednárik (at the Andrej Bagar Theatre, the Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava’s Nová scéna and the National Theatre in Prague), Miroslav Fischer and Pavol Smolík (at the Slovak National Theatre), and by the choreographer Libor Vaculík (at the SNT and the National Theatre in Prague). Her work has featured in several group and solo exhibitions. 


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