Liene Dobraja

Costume Designer

Liene Dobraja is a Latvian-born costume designer for theatre and film. She has worked in Germany, Russia, and the Baltics, and now works and resides in New York. Trained as a Fine Artist and a graduate of the Academy of the Arts in Riga, Latvia, Liene has found her place in costume design, and has been designing for stage, film and advertising since 2006. She holds an MFA '14 from the prestigious Design for Stage & Film Department at Tisch School of the Arts.

She has designed costumes for various plays in Latvia, as well as in NYC Beckett's "Rockabye" and "Footfalls, H. Pinter's "The Dwarfs" (directed by JoAnne Akalaitis), V. Sigarev's "Black Milk" (directed by Michel Hausmann), and others, as well as several films.  Her work can be seen at


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