ALAN HRANITELJ is a Slovenian costume designer, whose creative endeavors are divided between theatre, opera and film costume design and make-up art. Until 1992 he also worked as a fashion designer. Born in Zagreb and received education at Fine Arts School, from 1986, Alan Hranitelj continued his career in Ljubljana.

He co-operates with diverse Slovenian and foreign theatres and the most visible Slovenian theatre, film and video directors: Mateja Koležnik, Valentina Turcu, Vinko Möderndrofer, Vito Taufer, Meta Hočevar, Eduard Miler, Diego de Brea, Matjaž Berger, Franci Burger, Matjaž Zupančič, Miran Zupančič, etc.

His opus comprises 375 costume designs and collaborations in different projects, among them, 188 theatre costume designs, 14 opera and 7 classic ballet costume designs, as well as 27 costume designs for contemporary dance performances. In 2007, Alan Hranitelj was invited to prepare costumes for the show Zarkana staged by Canadian theatre Cirque du Soleil.  

For his creations, Alan Hranitelj has been awarded with 24 merits in Slovenia and abroad. His works are part of four permanent art collections in Slovenia (Slovenian National Museum, Slovenian Ethnographic Museum, Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana and the Maribor Regional Museum).

Alan Hranitelj has presented his work through numerous independent and group exhibitions in Slovenia and internationally. Among the most renowned are the exhibition in the Ljubljana Museum of Modern Art  Gallery in 1991, in the Equrna Gallery in 1993 (Bag & 12 Hats) and in the City Gallery in 1995 (Costume Design 1991–1995).

In 2006, he prepared a display of his best works at the International Graphic and Fine Arts Centre Ljubljana to introduce his comprehensive monograph entitled Costumography: 1986 - 2006. In 2009, parallel to his renowned exhibition Jesen – Zima (Autumn – Winter) 2009 at the Ljubljana-based National Museum, his second monograph was published.

As for his international success, his presentation and exhibition in Copenhagen, European Capital of Culture 1996, were among the most visible, along with the exhibition in the Cultural Centre Nansen Aranjo in the Brazilian city Belo Horizonte in 1997, as well as the presentation of his opus in 2000 at the Millenium Dome in London.


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