Kirsten Dehlholm

Kirsten Dehlholm is the founder of Hotel Pro Forma (1985-). Based in Denmark. With a background in the visual arts Kirsten Dehlholm works with theatre, opera and performance art. Her current work includes concept and direction for Hotel Pro Forma as well as directing for opera houses and theatres internationally. Hotel Pro Forma is a production company of performance and exhibition. Every production is a new experiment and contains a double staging: contents and space. The architecture and the traditions of the venue are part of the performance as a co-player. Perception, perspective and themes from the world today intertwine with each other in a conceptual, visual work of art. Each production is the result of a close collaboration of professionals from many disciplines: the visual arts, architecture, music, literature, science, and digital media. The productions by Hotel Pro Forma are characterized by immense diversity, as the space, concept, collaborators, and performers change from one work to the next. Kirsten Dehlholm and Hotel Pro Forma has created performances for museums and public buildings as well as for theatres and opera houses worldwide.


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