Sergey Timofeev

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SERGEY TIMOFEEV is a poet, author of seven collections of poetry (with four of them published in Riga and three – in St. Petersburg and Moscow). Participant of a range of international poetry festivals in Great Britain, Netherlands, Sweden, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Georgia and more; and Sergey Timofeev’s poetry has been translated in these national languages. Participant of multi-media project Orbita (, Sergey has been one of the first literary figures in post-Soviet cultural territory to turn to development of the genre of poetic video (his first work was Orchestra Rehearsal in 1994). He has received Latvia Annual Literary Award 2005 for Poetry as participant of group Orbita project, for their audio-video collection Orbīta 4. In line with multi-media and poetic experimentation, created poetic installations Room of Time (2008) and Energo-Independence of Poetry (2009) collaborating with Artūrs Punte; took part in group Orbita creation of poetry installation Radio Wall (2013) in Cēsis Arts Festival, which won nomination for the prestigious Purvītis Award. Sergey Timofeev’s poetry is included in several Latvian and international poetry anthologies; he oversees the project Envoys of Poetry, inviting contemporary Russian poets to visit Riga.  


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