Rasa Bugavičute-Pēce

Rasa Bugavičute-Pēce has studied theater, cinema, and television drama as well as culture management at the Latvian Culture Academy, and writing at Liepāja University. She has also honed her knowledge and skills in master classes with teachers from America, Croatia, Spain, Sweden and elsewhere. She has been working as a dramatist since 2010, regularly collaborating with directors of the largest Latvian state and independent theaters. Rasa received the Spēlmaņu nakts 2012 award for Dramatist of the Year for the play Gals (The End) at the National Theater. She has been nominated for that award several times, including the 2018/2019 season as Dramatist of the Year for the play Liepāja-Latvijas galvaspilsēta (Liepāja, the Capital of Latvia) at the Liepāja Theater and the independent play Zenta Mauriņa. Dokumentālie sapņi (Zenta Mauriņa: Documentary Dreams). She has also written scripts for concerts and large-scale performances, including Lec, Saulīte (Rise Sun; 2014) and Abas malas (Both Sides; 2018), as well as for several feature films and TV series.  She has collaborated with the director Sergei Zemlyansky since 2017, writing librettos for Wordless Theatre, whose plays have been staged in Latvia, Russia, Israel, and elsewhere. Since 2015 Rasa is the in-house dramatist for the Liepāja Theater, in addition to teaching drama at Liepāja University, organizing international drama workshops for young professionals, and continuing to write. 


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