We are ready for an audience!

The Latvian National Opera and Ballet is looking forward to meeting our audience already on September 2 when we will open the new season with a premiere of Pyotr Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. Before re-opening the building to the public we have thoroughly disinfected all spaces accessible to the public to make it one of the safest places in Riga. We have measures in place to organize the flow of people and have taken other safety precautions with social distancing and everyone's well-being in mind.

Entering the Opera House

Before coming for an event, we kindly ask you to assess your own state of health and, in case you have any signs of a respiratory illness, give a pleasant surprise to your friends by turning your tickets over to them. We will be delighted to see you some other time when you are back to health. 

To avoid crowding, we have provided for entering the Opera House through five entrances. Entering through the main door from the square is for those whose seats are in the stalls and the dress circle. Entry to the balconies is from the Aspazijas Boulevard side. Please follow the signs.


Personalized tickets

As you purchased your tickets, your name and contact information was already registered by the electronic system. If you would like to turn your ticket over to a friend or the person accompanying you has changed, we would request that person to enter their contact information at: before coming to the Opera. There is no limit to how many times the data can be changed. We understand that your plans may change at the last minute (you didn’t feel well, gave your ticket to a friend and they didn’t have time to register) but don’t worry – we will ask for the person attending the event to provide their contact information on a form we will provide them at entry.  

Identification Documents

When you come to a performance, we will ask you to present a document with your name and photograph (a national ID card, student ID, driver’s license, etc.). If your name does not match the one on the ticket or data are not previously registered, we will simply ask you to fill out a form providing your contact information.  

Seating and social distancing during intermissions

The seats are fixed and placed according to the rules, observing a distance of one meter between them. Seats that are not to be used are covered.  To protect yourself and others, please observe a 2 m distance during the intermission as well as before and after the performance. We have placed distancing tapes in all public spaces to prevent crowding.


All of the cafés at the Opera are open, but a maximum number of people allowed inside at any one time has been indicated at the entrance to the café.  During your stay at the café, please observe a distance of 2 meters from other visitors and the personnel.  


The elevator is working, but please keep in mind that no more than 2 people can use it at any one time, with the exception of people from the same household.


If you would like to present flowers to any of our artists, please turn them over to our service personnel upon entering the Opera House. We will make sure that the artist in question gets them.  

Other safety measures

Before re-opening the Opera House to the public, we have conducted a thorough disinfecting of the public spaces. Disinfectants can be found throughout the building.  


We are truly happy to see you again. Enjoy the performance!