Premiere of "The Lady with the Camellias" in Latvian National opera

The premiere of Tiit Harm's ballet after Duma’s The Lady with the Camellias with music by Franz Liszt will take place at the Latvian National Opera on March 25. 

Cast includes some of the best Latvian National Ballet soloists: Elza Leimane- Martinova/Margarita Demjanoka (Marguerite Gautier) Raimonds Martinovs/Arturs Sokolovs (Armand Duval), Genādijs Gorbaņovs/Ringolds Žigis (Georges Duval) a.o. The conductor of the production – Atvars Lakstīgala. 

Based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas fils and set to the romantic music of Franz Liszt, The Lady of the Camellias tells the story of the Parisian courtesan Marguerite Gautier and her lover Armand Duval, the son of a wealthy family. Armand's father demands Marguerite leave his son, and she gives in. When the lovers meet again coincidentally some time later, she is already deathly ill with tuberculosis...

World premiere of Tiit Harm’s ballet The Lady of the Camellias took place in Estonian National opera, 2006.

Further performances - on March 26, April 13 and 27, May 25.