Viktors Seiko

VIKTORS SEIKO graduated from the Riga Choreography High School in 2004 and since then works at the Latvian National Opera Ballet Company.
He has participated in ballet competitions like Stora Daldansen in Mora, Sweden (2003), in Nice, France (2003) and Arabesque in Perm, Russia (2004).


Upcoming events

september 29, 19:00 Bolero... Soloists
october 6, 12:00 AT THE BLUE DANUBE Franz
october 12, 19:00 Antonija #Silmači Aleksis
october 16, 19:00 Romeo and Juliet Romeo
october 18, 19:00 Raymonda Béranger
october 20, 19:00 THREE MUSKETEERS The Duke of Buckingham
october 26, 19:00 Le Corsaire Slave Trader


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