Ilmārs Blumbergs

Set Designer

ILMĀRS BLUMBERGS (06.09.1943.-18.02.2016.) graduated the Painting Dept. of the Latvian State Academy of Art as set designer in 1972. The range of his artistic activities embrace drawing, set design, costume design, painting, poster, book design, ceramics. Ilmārs Blumbergs was Set Designer at Dailes Theatre (1969-1985; Principal Artist 1976-1985). Since 1962 he was regular participant in exhibitions all over the world, and has been awarded numerous Latvian and international art awards, among them for set design - I prize of the Baltic Set Design Triennale (1977, 1980, 1985), Latvian Artist's Union Yearly Golden Medal of the Best Artist for set and costume design of Verdi's Aida in the Latvian National Opera (1998), The Silver Medal of Prague Quadriennale '2003 for costume design of Mozart's Die Zauberflöte, Diena Culture Award for staging of opera Walküre by Richard Wagner as an high quality art fact. The visual form of LNO productions of Aida (1998) and Die Zauberflöte (2001) is art work, whose significance exceeds the productions themselves. Elements of the visual imagery of Die Zauberflöte became part of Ilmārs Blumbergs / Viesturs Kairišs project Riga Magic Flute 2001, which represented Latvia at the 49th Art Biennale in Venice, as well as Ilmārs Blumbergs's one artist show at the Orangery of the Luxembourg Palace in Paris (2002). Ilmārs Blumbergs has collaborated also with Latvia Youths Theatre, Valmiera Dramatic Theatre, has created set design and/or costumes for more than 50 productions in different Latvian theatres, the most important of them being Brand (Dailes Theatre, 1977), Per Gynt (Youths Theatre, 1980), Joseph and his Brothers (Dailes Theatre, 1981), Full is the Chamber of Mara (Dailes Theatre, 1982).



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