Viesturs Meikšāns

Stage Director

VIESTURS MEIKŠĀNS has studied at the University of Trier in Germany and graduated with excellence the Concordia International University in Estonia, receiving diploma in business administration and marketing. He acquired the art of theatre directing at the Latvian Academy of Culture. His directorial career at the Valmiera Theatre includes productions Phantom Pains (2008), Marionettes (2008), The Golden Horse (2009), Floods and Solstices by the Sounds of Straumēni (2010), Wine and Weeds (2011) and Egoists (2012). For the the productions of Phantom Pains and Marionettes iesturs Meikšāns has received National Award as the Young stage artist of the year. The Golden Horse won the newspaper Diena Annual Cultural award. Floods and Solstices by the Sounds of Straumēni brought Viesturs Meikšāns the National Award as the Best stage director of the year and the Best stage director award of the Novgorod Kingfestival. Viesturs Meikšāns has successfully worked at the theatre Skatuve, the Latvian New Theatre Institute, the Latvian National Theatre and the MHAT theatre in Moscow.


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